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The Vintage Motorcycle Club (VMC) was founded in 1976 to bring together those persons, from all walks of life, with a love and appreciation of the machines of a bygone era.

Our goal is to maintain and preserve these pioneer motorcycles, motorcycle combinations and three-wheelers in as original and authentic condition as possible. Our machines are not stored away in museums, but are frequently used for the purpose for which they were intended and as living examples of the engineering skills of the past.

The Vintage Motorcycle Club of South Africa, is affiliated to the Southern African Veteran and Vintage Association (SAVVA) and The Vintage Motor Cycle Club (UK) and maintains a close association with members of other clubs who share the same interests.

An outstanding feature of our members is their spirit of friendship, co-operation and helpfulness shown to one another. Not restricted to the ranks of those who belong, the enjoyment of these machines is shared with all who see them at public venues - the older generation who reminisce with nostalgia and the younger generation who have the opportunity to appreciate the predecessors of the machines they ride today.

In keeping with the objectives of the club, machines older than 25 years are catered for in all club activities.

Owning an eligible machine, however, is not a prerequisite to becoming a member.

The Vintage Motorcycle Club meets on the fourth Monday evening of every month, except December, at the Clubhouse of The Vintage and Veteran Club in Oaklands, Johannesburg, at 19h30. See Membership for map and directions.

Talks, videos and related motorcycling topics are arranged for these meetings which offer an ideal opportunity to meet members socially.

Occasionally morning rides to places of interest are organised to enable members to ride their machines in the company of fellow enthusiasts. Arrangements for such outings are discussed and planned at the monthly meeting.

Timed reliability and economy trials are organised on a regular basis. Through our affiliation to SAVVA our members may participate in any event organised by other SAVVA affiliated clubs which are situated countrywide. The majority of these clubs cater for all vehicles which are twenty years and older.

A monthly newsletter is sent to all members. Excellent Insurance and Dating facilities for machines are available, as well as a library of technical motorcycle books.

Membership of The Vintage Motorcycle Club of South Africa is offered to all persons who share our interest in Veteran, Vintage and Classic Motorcycles.

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The Vintage Motorcycle Club (VMC)
Johannesburg, South Africa


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